Thursday, April 21, 2005

Techmaster PEB

Ultimate Woofer Test Posted by Hello

I used to have this cassette tape a long ass fucking time ago. A dub actually, that was given to me by this kid Cory. He was a pretty cool guy. A few years older than me, but the only reason i was around him was because he was my moms friends kid. The first time i ever drank a 40oz was with Cory. He used to drive a 1989/90 Sidekick. It was teal, with a hot pink lazer stripe down the side.

He had 2 12s that didnt match, hooked up to a stolen tape deck. Techmaster was regular ammo for his ultimate bass weapon. The skating rink, and mall parking lots were our spots. Also, there was this really grimey hobby shop we used to roll at. Where i met this other really funny asshole named Chris who was literally obsessed with Dj Magic Mike. This fuck didnt even have a car. Shit, he didnt even live with anybody who had a car. And used to fucking knock that Magic Mike through his walkman. It was strange. He would have entire conversations with you while the Magic Mike was blaring out the headphones so loud, that it could be heard at least 5 or so feet away.

Cory is the same dude who gave me my first Bad Religion tape (another dub) one side was Against The Grain, and the other was Suffer. I'm not sure what year it was, but i was about 10 or 11. So, around 91. Against The Grain was brand new. But anyway. Cory was really funny. Gangster / Skateboarding / Low-Rider Magazine / Lover / Modern Rocker... He really wanted to break free from the Berea Forest. But the brush was too fucking thick in the end.

Last I heard, him and a couple of guys (one of which is retarded), were caught or almost caught picking up hookers. I hope they were gonna rob em'. But im pretty sure somebody was trying to get their dick sucked. This was in 1997 or so.

This MP3 is expired. My bad.


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