Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lets Spend The Night At Your Mansion.

1. The Beautiful Ones

2. Take Me With You

So, ive pretty much looked at Purple Rain every night for the last 8 nights or so. It started because wifey had A.) Never seen Purple Rain and B.) "Didn't really like Prince Rogers Nelson". What the fuck i've always thought, and found it time to proceed with a little guidance.

Putting on Purple Rain; giving a little preface on why me and those on "the level" know Prince as a total fucking seething genius. I settled in with a sloppily rolled doobie and kicked back with my little student.

After a solid week of doubles at work, and life stress, wifey was nearing her nightly visions of sugar plums. So, i let me stoned a dusted eyes take a rest and spaced out to dialogue and soundtrack.

Around the time "The Beautiful Ones", came on shit was getting deep. I dozed off into a seriously heavy, dreamy sleep. Harloquins danced on the backs of lavender Pegasus, and i fed them all from the palm of my hand, Twizzlers and Fluff.

Then suddenly, fear came over me.

An anxiety came over me in the dream, so strong, that i realized i was sleeping and understood that whatever was going on had to be in "the real world". I popped up sweaty and nervous to the backwards shreeking of "Im Fine" from the scene when Appleonia buys Prince his white guitar, and is playing cassette of demos she finds in his tape deck.

I had forgotten about the sound in that scene, and freaked the fuck out. I couldnt determine if the sound was in my mind, or in the movie. At the time, it didnt make sense for this noise to play over a kissing scene. I had this same experiance on Acid once. It really blew my high, and i spent the last 3 hours or so, in a frenzy of makebelieve. Truly feeling that every sound or action I encountered was a complete figment of my imagination.

The next night, we put on Purple Rain again, and now with the power of my new and heightened perception of the film and sound track, i painted and undenieable picture of who Prince is, and the intesity of his magic for my wife.

She watched, and listened in the proper state of mind. Officially putting her on "The Level", and opening her heart to the meaning of dreams, and giggeling. Showing her the endless pillow fights, and roller coaster rides that ARE knowing Prince.

This is no new discovery for most of us. I only share because i feel that the irony soaked culture we live in has, in a small way, cast a light of quirkypopularcultureoddityhasbeen onto Prince undeservedly. He is a mystery, an asshole, and a genius. His music should be heard from a non corrupted place.

As i begin my crusade of THE FULL ALBUM. Let this be the first on your list. Start here. Use headphones, start with side A, and don't stop until the needle is bouncing off the lable of side B.



Anonymous DeeJay HepCee said...

Just look at the man. 5 foot 1. Of indeterminate race. Kind of gay-looking. I think it was Boy George who once described him as "a midget dipped in oil and rolled in pubic hair".
And yet, his track record, and record tracks, are undeniable. Okay, once the New Power Generation entered his purple mansion things got a little funny. But even then there were some good songs. And Pre-NPG? Unfadeable.
Sure he's nuts. So what! What truly great artist isn't? I heard a story about him going door-to-door fulfilling his Jehova's Witness duties. How awesome would that be? Who's at the door? Fucking Prince!! Come on in, have a seat. I'd hear the guy out - shit, if he sang his pitch he'd probably almost get me believing that wacky fucking nonsense. He should have his own religion.
The legend is well known - he can play every instrument ever made, turned down a major label deal at 17 to retain creative control, he goddamn kept Sinead O'Connor captive at Paisley Park or some shit - it goes on and on.
My point... the guy has unbelievably big balls. He should be an inspiration to anyone who's ever doubted themselves for whatever stupid reason - "Oh, do I have the right look to be a star?" "Am I too short or fat or weird?" "Will ugly, not really talented drag queens compare me to a midget coated in oil and pubic hair?" SO FUCKING WHAT! Get your goddamn freak on.
Prince sure has.

4:53 PM  
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