Monday, February 20, 2006

Pointless Conclusions & Revelations. Step 1.

Random / Pointless Conclusions & Revelations. Step 1.

1.Sly & The Family Stone "Skin I'm In"
2.Ween "The Stallion Pt.3"
3.MC5 "Call Me Animal"

A. Porno magazines are for the porn obsessed, and 12 year olds only.

This friend of mine, Tiffany, gave me a stack of Cheri and Hustler magazines for my birthday this year. Maybe 7 or 8. They were tied up with a bow, and a note that said something to the effect of "I hope you and your old lady enjoy!!!". The next morning, after cleaning up the disasterous ass aftermath of my birthday party, i stuck the fuck books on top of the kamode. Since then, everytime i take a shit, i flip through one. A few I have looked through 2 or 3 times. And you know what, I haven't been aroused one time. Its a boring fucking medium. The only way satisfaction is derived is if you are 11 and its like, the 3rd time you have ever seen titties, much less, a chick with her womb exposed. Or, you are a die hard (no pun intended) porn freak who needs to see pussy holes in every single forum, under every circumstance possible, and keeping up with actresses and new video releases.

B. The Undisputed Truth is the black KISS.

I love Motown, The Temptations were great, Norman Whitefield was on some shit, but The Undisputed Truth were a corny, broken ass Funkadelic.

C. I am still a needy motherfucker.

Over the last few years I have felt stronger than I ever have in my life. But over the last few weeks I realize that maybe my self assesment is a little sensationalized. Maybe I dont get bored and lonely as fast as I used to, but I still get bored and lonely. And over the last few weeks, I've been on some seriously, pathetic, bullshit. Bad moods, staring off into glare on my T.V, pointless attitude to the people closest to me, etc. But, fuck that, its just the ghetto trying to kill me, and I ain't falling for that okey-doke no more.

As read in an earlier post, Sundays are for goobs. Boring, salty ass, never ending days. It just so happens that this is my only day off from work. So, with relflection at hand, and time to express in limited ass amounts. I'll try to keep short and consise with a few of this stupid ass "revelations".

Like anyone gives a fuck. Listen to me talking about what I'm doing like someone needs to mark it in their day planner. Its funny how the blogs or just the interweb in general (chat rooms / about mes / message boards / etc) give us a false sense of self importance. Anyone can have a swagger. When in real life, we can hardly get the courage to send our fucked up meal back to the kitchen of our favorite restaurant.

P.S. The pharmacy at Walgreens is on some serious elitist shit. Poor folks like us can only get maybe a quarter of our scripts filled their. So I just asked my wife, why the fuck she just took ANOTHER script there, and she said. "I love Walgreens, it so nice there and the Pharmacist looks like a really tall skinny Wizard." Nice.


Blogger queenjones said...

That guy at Wallgreens is awesome. He was really nice too. :)

8:43 AM  
Blogger Heath said...

"The Undisputed Truth were a corny, broken ass Funkadelic."


11:49 AM  
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