Friday, February 24, 2006

Punch Drunk

1.The Ritual "Speed Freak"
2.Catfish Knight & The Blue Express "Deathwise"
3.Coven "Choke, Thirst, Die!"
4.Venom "Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil)"
5.Electric Wizard "Phase Inducer"

I feel more uninspired than ever. My son is really sick. And even though I want to, I dont want to write about shit.

So, here are some things I've found on blogs by people more inspired than me, recently. WOW!!

Charlie Up Your Asshole

A nice blog I read sometimes, highlighting the legendary Manson Family Relief Fund LP. If you have never heard this, the first clip is the highlight. "Scratching Peace Symbols On Your Tombstone"? Mama's tombstone that is. It starts at about 2mins.

Jim Jones Is The Best Friend You Ever Had ("Jonestown Death Tape")

Always one to get obsessed with "Themeing", I'll keep the cult leader, maniac vibe at hande. Here is something I had sorta planned on joining every other blogger over the last 2 years or so, by writing about this really creepy tape found at Jonestown. You will be listening to Jimmy urge his followers towards the punchline. One of the more jolting parts is when he screams at his followers to calm there crying children. That, by letting them cry, and be afraid of their nearing demise, they are damning their souls. Very wacky. Have a good time.

Here is more info on Jimmy / Jonestown / The People / The Tapes and more.

Have fun with all of this random doom and gloom. I plan on posting again as usual soon.

A few topics loaded? Sure.

1. Tumbleweed Ted: The Art Of Being Useless
2. Teena Marie
3. Deep To Me, Too Deep To You: Unexpectedly moving records from my childhood & beyond.
4. Random / Pointless Conclusions & Revelations: Step 2

See you next time. Bye-bye!!

Until then, quit your job because you dont need it. Drop out of school because all they teach you is fucking lies man. Kill your parents because they are the ones who fucked you up in the first place. And set your neighbors trash can on fire, because they live there. Stop taking shit off these assholes.


Blogger Hep Cee said...

I am scared but I feel compelled to look.
You are the great bloody car crash of bloggers.

Well done young man!

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:52 PM  

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