Tuesday, February 21, 2006

To Doo-Doo- List

1. Tyrone Davis "A Woman Needs To Be Loved"
2. The Whispers "Its A Love Thing"
3. 33Hz "Chemical Reaction"

As usual, I'm behind at this shit. Yesterdays post was supposed to be Sundays post. Which I didnt even get up until almost midnight last night. Over the last two weeks, I have neglected nearly all of my house hold responsibiltys due to my own internal weaknesses, and made only a tiny break in an adjustment to my familys new schedule. When I started, I was sure in my ability of juggle my real life responsibilities, my ranting, mastebatory blog, my job, and my fantasy band ideas. But, day dreams are a son of a bitch. In reality, I've just been mopeing over a crumby and laundry covered living room floor, surrounded by gunked up counter tops, and uncompleted tasks. My wife has been working her ass off for about 16 days straight, while I sit at home confused and stagnant. What a fucking asshole.

I should just slam my hand in a car door. It would be alot quicker, and affective over fewer people. Slumping down, back into this rut of unproductive failure is the last thing I need in life. My wife and I have worked really hard to rebuild our castle, there is no room to fail anymore. No more will I just drink and dream, its time to create and complete.

I historically suck at house work, and being a good roomate. But I've finally gotten past that at 25 years old. My wife is the greatest thing I've ever been apart of, and she has helped me with lots of work, and many kicks in the ass. I will not let this work have been in vein.

This bullshit is over over. I'm so for real.

2006 is all about the Elevation Of Game.

As this post is a product of a new start, the MP3s listed are to be a soundtrack for you as you have fun, feel great, fulfill promises, pull your weight, complete your tasks, handle your business, realize your dreams, and make the ones you love happy. And if that Tyrone Davis song doesnt move you in a damn near life threatening manner, you are a cold motherfucker, and should stop dateing immediately.


Blogger Hep Cee said...

If Tyrone Davis is that fucking serious about it, well goddamn it, I'll love my woman.
In the morning.
In the evening.
And yes, in the midnight hour.

I dont know how she's going to feel about that, but... I certainly will try.

7:39 PM  
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