Tuesday, February 28, 2006

WOW! This is gassy!!

1. Guy Whatelet - "Some People Said"
2. Cynics - "You're A Better Man Than I"
3. The Omen & Their Luv - "Maybe Later"

Lately, things in my mind have been changing. My general philosophy has taken an abrupt turn, right into a brick wall. Being so overly self aware for so long, I have been seeking freedom. The reality of freedom, the ideal of freedom. But with that freedom there comes a price. A self comprimising price, that pretty much becomes confinement. It becomes the great sleeper hold you just can't shake off.

Now, after some years of wrastling with this theory, I'm about to nod off. I can feel my throat closing up, and hear my snores getting louder. I need control. Janet wasn't playing around, the shit is important. Because, with control you really have freedom. It is actually the key to true freedom. CONTROL!

Since when did being "Outta Control" get anyting constructive accomplished? And, that is essentially what this false sense of freedom that we have been preaching, and trying to reach is. Being outtaconfuckingtrol. I'm sick of feeling like Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles all the time.

Breif Intermission (BRB!!)

(I really love this clip. When Sky throws down his tambourine? Fuck you!! Nothing can come between you and the world when you are wearing a cape and dancing like a drunk sorority girl.)

So, I was watching this Seeds performance on the greatest thing to hit the web since Plumper Porn, Youtube, and thought how funny it was back then. Rock-n-Roll I mean. It was so fucking taboo, and passionate, yet we still had to exploit the hell out of it anyway we could. Sitcoms, Variety Shows, giving the squares a little taste of our freedom. Showing them how we get down. It was a really popular thing for some really obscure band to try and "get a break" on fucking Patti Duke or some shit ya know? The Seeds on "Mother In Law", Music Machine on "The Munsters", and so on. There actually used to be a page dedicated to archiving appearences of Psychadelic / Garage Rock bands on sitcoms in the '60s.

I remember once, I saw an episode of Green Acres, where they had dudes nephew down there from New York. He had long hair, worked on motorcycles, was into "rockNroll". He was a bad motherfucker. Refused to do work, sat around all day. You know, because he was stoned. It was crazy. I'm not sure if a band played at the end of that episode or not. That was a very common thing huh? Which is real rad and everthing, but look at The Monkees!! Thats what happens when the squares get in on your deal. You get the Monkees. Your power loses its fucking power. It just tapes a big fucking sock in your mouth.

Myself? All of this breeds apathy in me. It makes me just not give a fuck either way. Like, the way I feel right now, I don't even want to keep writing this essay. Whats the point? Its easy to connect with that shit right? "Whats the point?" Its really easy to just not care. To not want to see fire, as long as the shit is hot. Microwaves, voice activated dialing, letters in "E-Mail" (which is some other shit all together. Uh, handwriting anyone??) Lets stop giving enough of a fuck to listen. I think thats the future. We'll just exist inside of our own minds. Thats freedom.

So theres another half assed, partially completed thought about some bullshit. So fuck it. Lets stop grabbing at our own funk, and enjoy that of others. Here are some videos.

See you soon!!! Bye-Bye!!

Maybe this is fun...

Its The Monks live from a German dance show called Beat Club. Watching the entire clip is a requirement. No Monks = No Devo.

Okay, shit man, one more. Standells "Dirty Water". Live at a fucking slot car track or some shit. I have no clue what this is.