Saturday, March 25, 2006

This Place Needs An Attitude Adjustment

Its been a while since the last post. Shit is real lately.

Here are some videos of people who were down for theirs. Greenvillians, wake up and go home.

Dark Day - Arp's Carpet

Dark Day Info

Nervous Gender you fucks.

Nervous Genders Info

Screamers - 122 Hours Of Fear

Screamers Info

The Normal - TVOD

The Normal Info

In the meantime, I'm going to be working, watching movies, and daydreaming. Take this information, and use it to keep convincing your peers you are more down than they are.


Friday, March 10, 2006

When I get hype, i do more damage than a crack pipe!

1. Tuff Crew "Gimme Some"
2. Chi Ali "Step Up"
3. Positive K "One To Tha Head"

I think that everyone who considers themself at least a moderate fan of music, has formed a fantasy band in their mind. I know I've had thousands.

Now, I have rock bands, R&B groups, R&B solo acts, rap groups; sometimes I'm a backup singer, or the bassplayer. All eras, all genres, all positions, its fucked up.

Today, I got an idea for a new rap fantasy group. Now, keep in mind that in my rap fantasies, I am usually a 300lb black dude, with a jolly personality, but will still yoke your ass. (Oh, and its usually like 1989.) Anyway, this group includes my 2 best friends in the world, Heppy, and Sweat. Heppy is a little dude, screams all of his verses and jumps around like he's about to watch somebody get that ass whooped. He probably would wear like, a ski mask and shoelaces that didn't match and shit. Sweat, is kind of like Prime Minister Pete Nice; glasses, ice grill, turtle neck and a rope chain, smaking you in the face with monotone critiques, and fag jokes. Me? I'm, like a said before, a big fat dude wearing a starter jacket and a huge ass rope chain, that is just straight clowing you like its the elementary school playground. I'm the dude that is talking about fucking your sister, telling you that you smell like fart, and all that, but I still keep it gangster on some Chi-Ali type shit. Yea, and in case you didn't already guess, we all rock variations of the Kane flow.

We would just rap about rap, and how you suck at rapping.

The point of this blog, and the name of this fantasy group is This, That, & The Third.

Sweat would probably be This, Heppy would most likely be That, and since I was blessed with at least 2 other assholes sharing the same name as me (in real life) I will naturally be The Third.

Yea, there is no point in me sharing this. Its extremely irrelevant, even to me. Its an ill concieved, 1 dimensional, fantasy rap group I made up in a day dream I had 20 minutes ago. So, if you don't get it, and you think its corny, gobble a bowl-a-dick up.

You get the fucking GAS FACE!!! (ooogaadaooogaadaooogaadabbbbbbbbb)

Tha Third '90

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Love's Holiday (Spring Is Starting Over)

1. Sly Stone "Skin I'm In"
2. One Way "Shine On Me"
3. Velvet Haze "Last Day On Earth"
4. The Counts "Why Not Start All Over Again?
5. Curtis Mayfield "Wild & Free"
6. Moses Dillard "Bring Your Dreams To Me"
7. Convertion "Let's Do It"
8. Earth, Wind & Fire "Love's Holiday"

I’ve been waking up every day for about the last 8, with a deep, deep, deep, feeling of romance in my stomach. Nostalgia is pouring out of every pocket, staining every shoelace, affecting the taste of every beer, every cigarette I smoke, and so on. Even on the days when I have felt fucked up, paranoid, anxious; it still busts through all of that and has been really sustaining me lately.

Now, keep in mind, I’m a 25 year old father, who dances around in the mirror lip syncing to my favorite records, just like I did when I was 8. Only now I have an audience, my 1 year old son. So, I’m full of romance, I’m a sucker for it actually, be it relevant or false, I damn near rely upon it. Its one of the personality traits I’m actually glad for. Without it, I would have really spent my entire life being a total failure.

I’ve been thinking about things though; the period in time that my wife and I met, bringing my son home from the hospital, being 19 and burning bridges, listening to Sly, feeling Eddie Hazel, walking down the street with a beer, making horrible decisions meeting the greatest and most important friends and figures I have ever known in my life, giving in to being powerless, walking out of jobs with “fuck you” for the last word, slap boxing for till bruised and pinked, passing out in my front yard in the pouring rain, losing everything, realizing the power and importance of those hours upon hours spent alone lying stomach down on the floor in silence then with music then with talking to myself then with silence then with banging then with music; and did I mention making bad decisions?

I don’t front on a bad decision. There used to be a greater part of me that needed the security of a positive outcome, often preventing me from letting go and doing what was really, youthfully right. This ended when I was about 16. It wasn’t over night, but something just started to bend in me. What I perceived as fault at the time, of just giving less and less of a fuck, was really the amnesty of my shackled soul being granted.

In a way, you always sort of miss those times; the period you spent learning those big lessons. I don’t know man, I think I like how Sly put it, “If you’re real you never slack, you got to go”.

The songs listed above, have been and will always be, some of the songs that make me clinch up and sing to myself with squinty eyes and swollen neck veins.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This Is Fact, Not Fictional Son Of A Bitch!

1. Willie D "I'm Goin Out Lika Soldier"
2. Willie D "Read These Nikes"
3. Bushwick Bill "Size Ain't Shit"
4. Geto Boys "Assassins"

Geto Boys will fuck you up like a goddamn accident!! Easily the most creative shit in rap history. (Fuck all that dorked out astrological break down nag champa shit you heard.) Not making any fucking sense does not make you creative. Speaking on a rap song about smacking a bitch in her mouth like a dude, killing kids, and Freddy Krueger is. It got your attention right? It made you listen to the fucking midget wearing a chucky doll like a rope chain. And yet, this is the shit that I find so corny about the worlds relationship with the Geto Boys.

People who consider themselves a fucking intellectual never want to acknowledge shit that doesn’t sound like it came from a damn manual. You hear a song like “Mind Of A Lunatic”, don’t get it, and write that group off like fucking a fat bitch. Trying to act like the shit ain’t real doesn’t work though. Boiling it down to just violent lyrics, and ignorance can only work on half of them half of the time. “Nyquil that sickness”.

Theres something I have always respected about a dude that has a point of view (no matter how much I agree/disagree), that is still “inclined to physically whip your ass”. Enter, William Dennis a.k.a O.G. Willie D. The truth. A dude that don’t give a fuck about a goddamn bystander, and songs like “Fuck Rodney King”, “Go Back 2 School” “Do It Like A G.O.”, among others, are a testament to that state of mind under which he lives. When those songs are nestled between songs like “Assassins”, and “Read These Nikes” like TP balls in the crack of your grammas fat ass, it says something bigger to me. Actually, if you really listen to “Goin’ Out Like A Soldier”, Willies 2nd solo effort, the entire record is a social statement.

It’s a statement that has found its way into the gutter of our musical times. “Fuck being rich, fuck your flashy coats, watches, clean hair cuts, groupies and bullshit. Fuck the money you made off of this shit. You are fake, and you cant beat me!!” Even though Geto Boys, and their contemporaries spoke to some degree about these same things, it was never a theme. It was never used to define them. It was usually used as a dis really, like, “I’m a old lady cutting motherfucker, and I look nice as you. PLUS I rap, and if you don’t like how I rap, fuck you, your girl probably wants to fuck.” It was cooler to be on the bottom, as long as you did your thing and the people around you knew what was up, then it was to be all over the T.V. set wearing a big bow tie, hammer footing around with a bunch of back up dancers. Even if Big Bow Tie was making more money, getting more airplay, and reaching more people. Self respect was #1.

We don’t know shit about self respect in music right now. I know its coming back around, everything does. I just hope it’s soon. I’m sick of seeing 14 year old kids wearing Iron Maiden t-shirts who have no idea what Iron Maiden is. I’m also sick of having conversations with 18 year old white kids about rap, who say that 2Pac is the godfather and that Fabolous is the Pac of our time. People are really confused then a motherfucker, and we all know who we need to shake them till they wake up crying; Willie Motherfucking D. I want to see Willie D back on T.V, practically screaming his verses with complete abandon. Threatening your mama, and teaching you important lessons like “Friends ain’t shit when you’re getting you ass kicked.” Which is true than a motherfucker. We need somebody to fear. And not like some homo, Marilyn Manson fear. Some being scared your kid is gonna lock themselves up in their room, fuck that. I mean some real fucking fear. Some, “I’m scared my kid is gonna join a gang” shit. Fear of a mutiny on this bullshit. Kids coming together and kicking you down off of your soap box. Listen to Bushwick's verse on "Talking Loud & Saying Nothing" . The reason groups like GBs, Public Enemy, Ice T, N.W.A and coutless others of the time, were being persecuted? The reason those crackers started putting "Parental Advisory" stickers on your records? They were scared.

Get out the way or get T-Rolled bitch. From another nigga insane kicking ass extremely.